The Artistic Process

Artwork #16

The artistic process begins with each Graytly Inspired member painting a picture, using either water colors or dyes. By doing so, each painting becomes a unique piece of art.

One example of water color paintings is shown in Artwork #16; one sample of dyeing is shown Artwork #28. Members are not limited in the number of paintings they can produce.

Artwork #28

Bookmark #24

All paintings are cut up and turned into bookmarks, magnets, beaded chains (not shown), car chains (not shown), or blessing cards.

See Beaded Bookmarks #24 & #43;

Ribbon Bookmarks #42 & #33;

Beaded Magnet #9 & #12;

Blessing Card #6.

Bookmark #43


Bookmark #42

After the painting, a member writes our message “YOU ARE LOVED!” on the front side and stamps our web address on the back, the bookmarks and magnets are laminated, and holes are punched at the top for beads or ribbons. For cards, different shapes and sizes are cut and glued to an announcement card background.

No individual is directed on what to paint, what colors to use, or how to bead or ribbon. For some, the creative process is quite a struggle. It is not unusual to hear, “I can’t paint!,” or “I’m not creative!” Yet, beautiful creations are accomplished month after month.

Bookmark #33


Magnet #9

We do request that each recovery item be the work of team effort. For example, one person paints, another writes the “YOU ARE LOVED!" message and stamps the back, another cuts, laminates and punches the holes, and yet another adds beads or ribbons. A second request is that every volunteer impart a feeling of love into their work.

All of our recovery items carry the energy of LOVE. LOVE is the greatest and sweetest feeling/emotion that exists. It is our strong desire that when you receive our gift you will know the message, “YOU ARE LOVED!", is true for you, and true for you always.

Magnet #12

Blessing Card #6